An computer graphic artist with years of experience in animation and product visualization.


I've worked on titles you can find on PC, PS3 and the Wii U. Such as "Among the Sleep" by Krillbite and "Shadow Puppeteer" by Sarepta.


I've put up this site in order to show you some of what I've worked on during my career, both commercial and private.

kbLogo2høvik hørsel SareptaStudio200px

Check out some of the stuff I've worked with below

Traditional House

Private project. Max, Vray and photoshop.

Modern House

A private project I've worked on. Max, Vray and Photoshop.

Super hero punch

Another private project, I made Max shoot some energy.

Russepropper - earplugs

A product visualization for Høvik Hørsel.

Russepropper - earplugs

Product visualization movie for Høvik Hørsel.

A twist on a company logo

Adobe Illustrator

Private project

Playing with motion graphics and the Norsk Tipping logo.

Manly walk cycle

A guy who is pretty sure of himself. Animated in Maya

with the elevenrig: http://elevenrig.blogspot.no/

An intro

A short intro I made when I got bored.

Made in After Effects.